FIFO Charter Flight Queensland

AIR CQ is a top provider for FIFO charter flights in Queensland. We provide fast, convenient transportation for rural employees working in the mining and FIFO industry to get to work as an alternative option to flying with commercial airlines. Based in Emerald, we’re able to offer flexible solutions that enable clients to create an itinerary based around their work schedule and individual needs. With no waiting or airport procedures, access to smaller airstrips and tailored flights to suit you, we make it easy for you to get to work on-time, every time.

Fly In Fly Out Charter Flight Queensland

Fly in fly out employees work for a set amount of time with accommodation and food provided onsite before returning home for a set amount of time. Typically, FIFO workers are in the mining, healthcare or infrastructure industries.

As the majority of FIFO employees tend to work in very remote locations, a long commute by car or a commercial flight is often used to get to the worksite. Our charter flight can provide a cheaper and faster way to travel for small groups as it eliminates the need for extensive driving or booking multiple commercial flights to reach hard-to-access areas in Queensland.

fifo charter flight queensland
fly in fly out charter flight queensland


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Why Choose AIR CQ For FIFO Charter Flight In Queensland?

Fast & Convenient

You’ll get to work faster with our professional FIFO charter flight service. We can fly you directly from your location to the closest airstrip to your worksite with no costly transfers needed. Plus, you won’t have to deal with any unexpected flight delays or cancellations with chartered flights.


As you’ll need to book the entire plane, it can be cheaper to fly a small group of staff to work on a charter flight than on a commercial flight. Plus – since we’re a small company – you won’t be subject to price fluctuations like you will be with major airline companies.



You’ll be able to create your own itinerary that aligns with your work timetable instead of fitting in with a commercial airline schedule. We can also access much smaller airstrips in remote areas of Queensland meaning we can get you closer to work without the extra hassle of arranging further transportation.


Reliable Aircraft

We’re able to transport staff safely across diverse terrain and hot climates in Queensland. Our 14 seat Cessna Caravan seats up to 9 adult passengers and our Bonanza seats up to 6 passengers. Both aircraft are sturdy and lightweight with exceptional performance power to get you to work without disruption.

Experienced Team

Our pilots are highly qualified and experienced in flying FIFO workers in and out of remote locations across Queensland. We’re dedicated to exceptional customer care and safety every step of the way.

Fly To Work Without The Hassle

Whether you need a one-way or return trip, AIR CQ provides a flexible and professional FIFO charter flight in Queensland to get you to work safely and on-time. Call our team today to discover how we can help you make your commute faster and easier.